We handed over our freedom

Just something to think about

As we sit in our homes, without jobs, without contact, with threats of arrest for meeting in public places and in fear of neighbors who shame you on social media here is a little something to think about.

There are 328,239,523 people in the United States of America.*1 According to the numbers being published by the CDC there have been 1,176,905 cases of Covid19 or .0035% of the population with 68,326 deaths or .002% of the population. In my state of Ohio where the population is 11,613,423 we have had 20,474 or .017% of the population and 1,056 deaths or .009% of the population.

NOW let that sink in just a moment for all you people walking around with masks on and hiding in your homes afraid to go out. All those who have stopped living and being around your loved ones. Every single person who has lost their jobs and those of us who have watched years of work go down the drain and the drop of a coin. Sit back all you people turning your neighbors in for gathering outside at night and on a nice day. Think about this all of those who the government so kindly said they will let us file taxes at a later date and pay with money that none of us will have. For all those whose small children will be paying for this massive amount of debt that has just been thrust upon them for the rest of their lives and beyond. Let the fact that our children who where getting ready to graduate high school and college and got NO recognition for their hard work. To all those who allowed this to prevent them from being with a loved one who passed away at a hospital all ALONE with no one their beside them. All over .002% of the population!

For all those people sitting in their homes daily watching TV and listening to the media tell you this is for "Your Own Good" and who have fallen prey to the word tracks of so called "Leaders". The same leaders that are still getting paid by "Our" tax dollars, which by the way, they will still want you to pay...but so kindly will give you time.

We HANDED over our freedom without a SHOT being fired, Without as much as a "Question". Blind faith and the lack of ones own research, we as a nation simply have thrown up our hands and surrendered our RIGHTS and FREEDOM. We continue to allow them to take more and more. They now tell us we all should wear a mask for the rest of our lives, the "NEW NORM" and we comply over .002%. PUT THAT NUMBER IN PERSPECTIVE for a moment. and Consider the FLU for a moment. Ill let you do the homework on the FLU stats, as I do not want to take all your fun away.

Before you think that I am doubting the fact that this Virus exist let me add one last thing. I get it. I understand that their is a virus. But I also understand that the NUMBERS do not add up at all. According to the numbers that I just shared, which by the way are not mine, they are those who have suckered us in to giving up our FREEDOM...according to those numbers we should pretty much never leave our homes, be with family and friends during holiday's and other occasions ever again.

For .009% I, just like many have lost my company for the most part. For .009% we have put face masks on, turned in our neighbors, are running short on food, trashed the economy and simply crawled in to a hole. For .009% we have let loved ones die ALONE, never knowing the final words and thoughts of them. For .009% America has been lost without firing a shot!

May GOD and our Founding Fathers forgive each and everyone of us for what we have done to the greatest nation on earth, because I personally know I may never be able to.


*1-As of 2019


Our Daily Prayer


Thank you for another day on earth to perform your work. Thank you for my family, my friends and those who I will serve today. Thank you Dear GOD for the abundance that you have provided me and for the lessons through hardship you have allowed me to see. Thank you Dear GOD for all the abilities you have given me which allow me to serve.


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WTH is a VIN Chaser?

TheVinChaser is a product of ZassCo, Inc and is powered by Campus Callers, the best damn out bound call center in the automotive industry. 

Our VinChaser program is designed to allow Automotve Dealerships to track each and every VIN that comes through their doors. Whether you sold the vehicle, took it in trade or serviced it, TheVinChaser system will keep tabs on what is happening with the vin while it is in your PMA and BEST let you know when it has left the PMA. STOP getting your ass kicked by the manufacturer for VINS that are no longer your responsibility and clean up your database at the same time!  Call 513-407-4807 TODAY! 


Getting Started

Getting started is very easy. Contact us and we will give you a fast demo. Have the following information available.

1-What DMS system do you use

2-What Sales CRM is in place

3-What Service Scheduler are you currently using

4-Current Sales New and Used (average over last 3 months)

5-Current customer pay and warranty service RO count (3 month avg)

 Call 513-407-4807 TODAY! 

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What does this stuff cost and is there a contract?

The cost of TheVinChaser program depends on your total VIN count... We will do a fast analysis of your data and provide you with a estimated cost. Once we a true picture of your VIN count we will provide you with a full cost prior to starting. The evaluation is at no charge to you. You have ZIPPO to lose!

This program can be short or long term. The min is 4 months, however in order to clean up your database a full year is the way to go.

We guarantee you will SAVE more than the cost just in removing the crap from your database. We will say that the average customer will spend less than $1500.00 per month. That's $1500 a month marketing and cleaning up your entire data base every single Month...How much are you wasting on marketing today to customers who are no longer possibly coming back to your store? Let us do a free evaluation today! Call Paul Jones directly at 513.407.4807


Did you know no matter how many times you mail, email, or call a dead person they will not respond to you? JUS Sayin

WHO Came up with this $#&^

Paul likes wine a lot

Paul E Jones

Paul started Campus Callers 17 years ago while trying to figure out how NOT to pay for his kids college...Campus Callers today is the best damn call center on the planet...Why? Because we are all about helping college students get through school. When your business model is helping others, you're the BEST :-)

Married 37 years to Lisa, with 3 children, Alexander, MacKenzie and Olivia...Paul is truly a blessed man who is the first to tell you that. 

TheVinChaser program was created after Paul was running a Toyota Store inTN. During that time he sat through the retention studies and realized that there had to be a better way to know EXACTLY where every single VIN was that was being held against him. BAM! Since Paul also owns a software company the work began.

Paul has been in the Automotive Industry for 22 years. Starting in sales, today he oversees the development of new products and services and also runs stores when called to help put processes in place.


MacKenzie Jones

MacKenzie started calling for Campus Callers in her sophomore year of high school and is now the Captain of the ship. She played a major role in the development of not only our software but also in the way we sculpt our phone calls to ensure success without pissing off customers.

A graduate of The University of Cincinnati, MacKenzie has become a GIANT in the call center world. Her dedication to perfection is second to none. Developing some of the most Whacky Training programs that inspire our callers to a whole new level!

 Married to Steve Kenkel a Huge fan of KY Fried Chicken !!!! Recently MacKenzie gave birth to their first Child and is now the proud mother of a baby girl, two dogs and a motor cycle!


Jorge (the programmer)

What do we say about Jorge? Holy SHIT he did it! There is nothing that is asked of Jorge that he will not do. He can make anything happen we want him to.... and most of the time he's doing it from a tent someplace on a mountain. 

On Mission in El Salvador, Jorge is just a great human, helping those in need. We are proud to have him on our team.


The more a customer has to say Ï told you I live in another city OR I no longer own the car, the less likely you are to ever do business with them again...even if your shit was free.... STOP Pissing THEM OFF

Why VinChaser?


How many people are you marketing to that either - Do not own the vehicle any more, totaled the vehicle, moved out of your area OR -  WORSE - They're Dead and no longer have the US post office able to reach them due to the fact they ARE NOT ALIVE! Call 513-407-4807 TODAY!

Did you know sending emails to bad email addresses can get your domain put on a black list? Every time you send the same email that bounces you risk being completely shut down. Your CRM DATA is only as good as what is in it.


Every single manufacturer is holding you responsible for certain Vehicles. Some are tying large amounts of money to retention while others may be keeping you from Presidents awards if you do not hit your numbers. TheVinChaser will help you find all the VINs that are no longer in your PMA that may be still being held against you, we will also identify the VINs that are still registered in your PMA however are now being serviced in another state....AND the granddaddy of it all...The VINs that are being serviced elsewhere because you pissed off the customer. <-THIS one is a golden opportunity to WIN back a customer for LIFE!!!

NOTE: To date we have helped our dealers remove over 10,000 Vins from their databases that are no longer ever coming back to their stores!


At the end of the day the most valuable asset a dealership has is its DATA. Face it if your database is filthy dirty and full of crap data you are spinning your wheels. Your store can blow up today and if you have a solid database you can be back in business within three days. We ARE the BEST at cleaning up data! Call 513-407-4807 TODAY!


Oh last thing.... Saying you have 80,000 emails does you no good if they are all to the same 60,000 customers... Sometimes more is not better.

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