Why do we call


Who is calling me and why?

Campus Callers is a full service call center for Automotive Dealerships across the United States. We do NOT call anyone who has not done business with our dealerships in the past. If you have gotten a call from one of our customer service reps it is due to one of the following reasons

  1. You recently had service and we are making sure your visit was excellent and everything is going ok with the vehicle.
  2. Your vehicle is showing it may be due for service and we are checking in with you as a courtesy  reminder.
  3. We are updating our database to make sure you still own the vehicle of live in our area. This is a vital call and helps prevent unwanted calls in the future from Campus Callers.
  4. You recently asked for more information about a vehicle or service and we are following up to make sure your questions are answered
  5. You recently purchased a vehicle and we are calling to make sure you are happy and that all your needs have been met by the dealership.
  6. There has been a recent recall on your vehicle and we want to make sure you got the notification.
  7. Any other call that isin regard to your happiness and informing you of things which directly relate to your vehicle

I do not want calls from Campus Callers

That is not a problem at all. You can add your number to the Campus Callers DNC list at anytime. However please note this covers all call types. Once your number is on the Campus Callers DNC list we will not call you for any reason. Even if your house is on fire. So please read the information at the submission form.

Campus Callers is not like any other call center we know of. We will leave a message on every single call. So if you wish, let us go to voicemail, we will leave a full message with instructions and you can decide from there if you want to take action. Much better than missing something you may consider more important.

Campus Callers DNC

I have asked to be removed before but still get calls

We are very sorry if this has happened. Generally if this takes place it means there has been a communication issue. You may have actually called the dealership and they failed to notify us or you may have replied to one of our emails and we did not get it. Trust us, if you don't want calls we want to follow your instruction. Please fill out he DNC form and remember to LIST all phone numbers you do not want called by Campus Callers.

NOTE: We do not place people on DNC only phone numbers as required by law. You must include your phone number(s) that is the only way any system can identify a phone that should not be called. 

Campus Callers DNC

So what is a Campus Caller

We are asked this all the time. Campus Callers is staffed by 90% college students and 10% support callers. Our college callers must be paying for at least 30% of their college expenses and keep a min of a 3.0GPA. We are here to help these student caller get through college. Our Support Callers are made up of Stay at home parents, military spouses and such. Please consider taking the call. You are helping a lot of people earn a living.

Hey I want to work for Campus Callers

AWESOME! - While we are always looking for callers it is not easy to become a Campus Caller. We do have a waiting list cause we are so awesome to work for and our standards are pretty high. You must first contact us at apply@fullbdc.com or you can fill out our short application request form at the bottom of this page. We will send you all the instructions you need to get started at the time we are in need of staff. NOTE: All Campus Callers are handled through a staffing company which handles all payroll related issues.

You did not answer my questions on this page

No problem.... feel free to call us at 513.407.4807. And just so you know that number goes to the Owner of the Company Paul Jones. It rings directly to his cell phone. PLEASE leave a full message when you call and he will call you back as soon as possible. NOW tell us you can do that with any other call center in the world. We are here to serve not get on nerves. 

SPAM Policy

We don't do it. (period)

If you have received an email from us and feel it is not right, say something to us. We go out of our way to make sure we comply with the wishes of customers. All you have to do is either reply to a message to be removed or call us at 513.407.4807. We do NOT want to bother people and take this very serious. Every single email we send out goes to people who have done business with our customers. IF somehow you have asked not to be emailed and this got past us, just let us know and we will fix it.

Getting pissed off and screaming does nothing to fix a problem. Don't let an unwanted email ruin your day. There are so many more crappy things that can happen to you than an email anyway. We promise to make the adjustments needed but it first takes us knowing we need to do that. 

NOTE: Every email that goes out of our system has an un-subscribe link. If for some reason it did not work please let us know as it means something failed and needs to be fixed.