"The Best Damn Call Center on the planet"

17 Years without missing a day of work


Seriously! Can you say that about anyone in your dealership? At Campus Callers we have not missed a single day of calling due to staffing in the 17 years we have been in business. Every single call that has been scheduled to be made has been made day in and day out. THIS is what we do. We make phone calls to customers when they are supposed to be made. Why waste anymore time trying to run a BDC with 2 or 3 people who call in sick, run late, get involved in inter-office drama, or even worse... start sleeping with your other staff members and get you sued! Hire Campus Callers as your outbound BDC and get RESULTS... PERIOD!

Classic is always better


Face it... all the technology on the planet will not change one simple fact...If you do not call your customers you can't truly find out what is going on. 

Whether you are trying to sell a car, buy a car from a customer, follow up for service or try and get lost customers in the door, they still have not come up with a better way to communicate than in person or on the phone. Let Campus Callers become your BDC for all your outbound needs.

Our Staff - Your Callers


Campus Callers is not just a outbound Automotive Call Center... Nope not at all. We are a Mission! With Ninety percent of our TEAM working their way through College we are one of a kind. Our callers MUST be paying for at least 30% of their school and keep at least a 3.0 GPA to even be a Campus Caller. Try and find that in a normal call center, you'll be lucky to find someone who can even spell GPA :-) - Sorry, just the truth.

MYTH # 1 - Customers don't want phone calls anymore

FACT - MYTH #1 is total Bull. What customers don't want is poorly trained people calling them over and over again with bull shit calls that mean nothing to them. WOW! Did they really say that? Yes we did. At Campus Callers BDC we refuse to make calls that are not based on a solid reason for calling a customer and we do not waste a customers time. We get to the point and let them get on with their day and lives. 

A little about us

Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple and basic. As a matter of fact most  people think that our mission is "Old School"... they are right.  To our customers: Our mission is to provide the very best customer service follow up calls on the planet. We will achieve this through the effective training of highly  qualified, dedicated and motivated callers who are vested in their  education. We promise our customers that every call we place will be  made with a smile and a positive attitude.  

To our callers: Our mission is to provide   college students with a way to earn capital to help pay for their  tuition and education related expenses. Our goal is to create a working  environment that will allow them to achieve the highest possible GPA and  at the same time cultivate incredible customer service and  communications skills which will follow them for life.          

Our Contract

Interested in knowing what our contract looks like.... Simple. We  don't have one. We have always worked on the simple principal that if  you want to do business with us you will and if you want to stop you  will. We do have a very simple agreement that covers your privacy,  asks for a 30 day written notice of cancellation, and explains our  billing procedures. We also like our customers to know that we are free to stop  working with them as well. Life is short, and we do not work with  companies who do not respect our Callers or who do not use our system  properly.  AND we refuse to work with Assholes. So if you're an ASS don't bother calling us.

Our System and Software

Campus Callers is a part of the ZassCo group of companies and thus uses a proprietary system and software developed by ZassCo Software Systems. Because of this we are 100% customization in a flash. At ZassCo we believe", "If you can dream it, we can build it". There truly is nothing we can not do to help you and your business.

With a robust front and back end our Call Center Software is one of the driving forces to our success. Hey FYI...We will even allow you to license our software to use for your own BDC and help set it up for you.

Campus Callers Services-Programs


Service Follow-Up

havIt all started with service follow up and we are simply the best at it! The fact is very simple...You have got to call your customers after service to find out if they are happy. Hey look we get it...You think that your ASM's should be calling your customers. We hear this time and time again. Here is the truth known from 15 years experience. Your customers do NOT want to talk to the same person that pissed them off. Even if they do pick up the phone they are not likely to get involved in conflict. So what do they do? They just dont come back.

Our specialty is finding customers who are not happy. More importantly we will schedule the next service reminder, update data and build a relationship with your customers that will keep them coming back. Call the Campus Caller Automotive BDC today for more information. 513.407.4807

Service Reminders-Appointment Reminders

Campus Callers Service BDC will keep in touch with every single customer to remind them of service thus pumping your retention numbers up and up. Service reminder calls are designed to keep your customers feel needed and respected.

Appointment Reminders? Well your dentist does it, your doctor does it, hell even your HVAC and Cable provider does it. Why in the hell are you not doing it? The most important part of this type of call is updating data. Face it, you do a great job but the customers email is wrong... guess who does not get a survey?

Unsold and Sold Follow Up/Internet Lead Follow Through

Your Campus Callers Automotive BDC will follow up with each and every customer that walks in to your dealership not only till they purchase but also after they purchase.

Ever wonder why  you cannot get your sales people to follow up with every single customer? It simple... they don't want to. HUH? Come on, they don't want to. They want to deal with the customer that is HOT to trot and right in front of them. Let Campus Callers BDC do the work they don't want to do and STOP fighting it. They are good at what they do and we are Great at following up. 

We will follow up on your internet leads right up to the day they fall off DNC. Meaning...no more paying for leads that are not follow up with. Until the customer purchases from you, or indicates they are out of the market, your Campus Callers will be there the entire time.

Marketing Follow Up

So you just spent 10,15 or $30,000 on a mailer or other promotional piece. Then sit back and wonder what they hell is going on. Why not let Campus Callers BDC make the calls to A-Make sure it even got to them, and B-If they are interested. These are great calls to make and really will help hold your marketing company accountable as well. Call Campus Callers Automotive BDC today! 513.407.4807


Bottom line is this... Your Campus Callers Outbound Automotive BDC can do anything you want when it comes to outbound calls.

  • Recall Notification
  • Birthday Calls
  • Data Updates
  • Finance Reviews
  • You name it, we'll call

We have been making calls for Automotive Dealerships for 15 years and really and truly are the very best. Our callers are the best, our technology is the best, our training is the best, our monitoring is the best and frankly our mission and dedication to our people is the best.

Call Campus Callers today 513.407.4807 and let us to a full demo for you

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

NOT A Car Dealership? No Problem

Campus Callers can make any outbound call for any industry large or small. Lets face it. Every single company that deals with customers should be staying in contact with their customers at some point. Let Campus Callers follow up with your customers, call to confirm appointments, and conduct reminders for you. Call us today for information on how we can help you keep in touch with your customers.



How are callers trained

Our training is second to none when it comes to a BDC. We will put our callers up against anyone at any time for the call types they are trained on. Each caller starts training before they are even hired. The MUST meet and exceed certain standards. Training is done both on-line and in person depending on the callers location. Before a caller can make a single call on their own our staff walks them hrough mock calls, then real calls all the time with them live. Throw on top of this and our call center software trains them on a daily basis in real time AND we monitor 5% of all calls daily for continued quality.

What hours do you make calls

As a standard we will only call during 10am-8:30pm mon-friday. We adjust Saturday calls when they are needed to be respectful of those we call. We DO NOT call at dinner time, we NEVER call on Sundays. Our rule is, if we don't like it either will those people we are calling. Our goal is to serve your customers, no piss them off.

How do you handle DNC

SIMPLE! We follow the rules and THEN SOME. We take do not call laws very serious, more than most dealers do. 

  • We DO NOT CALL customers who do not fit within the boundaries of the law. 
  • We DO NOT use a predictive dealer, our callers actually dial the numbers in real time. - Predictive Dialers = SUED
  • We leave a full and complete message on every single call letting people know who we are and why we are calling - They can also call us back!
  • Once a NUMBER is put on our DNC list in our software it can NEVER be removed. Our software will no longer allow that number to be shown to be called.

We do not play around with DNC period.

Will you do marketing calls from mailers

This depends on how the list was built. If they are your customers and are eligible to be called, then yes. BUT we will NOT do cold call selling. We have a very unique wayof making these calls that works out better and makes your customer happy.

IF however you bought a list from a list company...you are on your own. We Ain't getting sued! See above.

Do you offer discounts for large groups

No. Our rates are very low and competitive as they stand. What we can do is show you how to save money by allowing us to make calls for your group as a whole. Our software allows us to customize your group so callers are not crossing over. Hey guess what? Doing this may just make you a larger group.

How long does it take to start dialing

This depends on how fast we can get you set up and start getting data. Generally this is the longest part of the deal. On average it takes 15-20 days from the time agreements are signed. It could take longer if your IT department is made up of a lot tech who knows how to use xbox real good or if he is an actual professional, which by the way is worth their weight in gold. Great I.T people are awesome!

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DNC Request

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NOTE about removal

When you remove your number from our list please understand that this removes you from all calls we may make to you such  as but not limited to..Recall Notifications, Service Reminders, Vehicle Status Updates and other calls you may wish to have. We are unable to limit the do not call by phone call types. If you are just not wishing to have a call from a certain call type we suggest just not answering the phone when we call and we will leave a message for you. Learn more at our DNC info section.

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