Request Application Information Now

Please submit a request for information about application. This is not an actual application we will contact you with instructions or information as soon as possible. NOTE: Student callers must be paying for atleaset 30% of your schooling expenses and have a min 3.0GPA. All callers must be available at least 15 hours per week and two saturdays per month. Filling out this request is not an application, it is a request for application information.

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Application FAQ


I sent an email in to

Sending an email in to us does not mean we are currently adding on to our staff. If we are currently looking for additional callers we will contact you with the next step. We generally have a waiting list so it may be some time.

I was sent an application packet what now?

If you where sent an application packet this mean you are being considered for the next step. If you have completed the packet and the audio phone message portion and have not heard back it does not mean that you are not being considered for the next step but we are possibly still evaluating. Remember if you missed a word, added words to the application script you are automatically eliminated from our process, no exceptions and you will not hear from us at all. Also IF you call us to check on your application you are automatically eliminated from our process. As per the terms on the application packet. Which clearly stats we will call you and you are not to call us. Thus if you call that means you cannot follow directions.... YES it's a test! Life ain't fair...welcome to the real world!

How the heck will I know if I am hired

We will contact you if you are being considered at all. Our entire application process is about FOLLOWING instructions. IF an Applicant does not follow each step to the letter they are eliminated from the process. Due to the nature of our business we cannot risk people who make up their own rules during the application process. Sorry! That's the way it works. FUNNY how just showing up isn't getting you anywhere :-)