What is BDC Helper?

So you want a BDC?


So you want to start a BDC for your dealership? OK Then you have a couple choices.

  1. Slap a few people in a room and tell them to start calling customers
  2. Actually let the professionals at BDC helper help you set up an honest to goodness BDC that will work.

Doesn't 2 sound much better than 1? At BDC Helper we will not only help you set your BDC up the same way we run our own Automotive Call Center. DON'T waste your time or your money by just hoping to hell it will work we will actually make it work!

How does it work?


It is actually pretty simple...as are most things in life. You just have to actually open your mind a tad. So here is the deal, call us today at 513.407.4807 and we will get started. It will start with a phone call, and if you are a good candidate we will move forward. We help recruit, hire, train, monitor, design call campaigns and even provide the software needed. What are you waiting for? Call us right now if you are serious about a real BDC.

Why Use Us?


Are you kidding? We are part of the ZassCo Group of companies. We own and operate the best damn call center on the planet and provide the very best in services to our customers. When you want a lawyer do you call one that has never won a case? Does your doctor practice in a back alley and drive a tractor? Then why would you hire anyone but the best. Call us now at 513.407.4807 or fill out our request form below.

Just Need a Little Help?

Vacations, Turnover, Just getting busier? Need some help while you hire and train? We can to that and usually within a few days you are up and running and once you're all set we go back to just being here if you need us again. It's simple, easy, fast and best of all we are already to go. Call me today at 513.407.4807 for more information

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