Get those recall customers in once and for all


Campus Callers and InBoundBDC have teamed up to provide the ultimate recall program ever. will completely take over your recall campaigns with both in and outbound support.

Call us today and schedule your airbag recall campaign today

Why are you waiting


The Federal government is drop dead serious about getting these airbag recalls and others completed. Take advantage of this and let Campus Callers and InBoundBDC help. We will set up a recall hotline for your dealership that will free up your phones. Our operators will schedule the recalls for you. Call Paul Jones today 513.407.4807

Check for recalls


Check now with the NHTSA to see if your vehicle or a vehicle you may be looking to purchase has an open recall. NOTE: Do not purchase a car with an open recall ever. The law prohibits it. A reputable dealer will not even try and sell a vehicle with an open SAFETY recall.

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