You spent how much on leads and just throw the unsolds away! WTF


Real fast how much did you spend on internet leads and showroom traffic last month? Over the past 90 days? NOW, what have you done with the customers who did not purchase from you? What? Nothing?  

In the ^%IT Can they go


So you got 350 internet leads last month. You paid, what for them? You sold...20, 30, 35 of those. Yeah for you! You have 315 leads who either are still in the market or bought someplace else. Lets say the bought elsewhere is 50. What did they buy? Who is going to get the service business? What about the others...what are those people actually doing and driving right now. What other cars on in the household? What are you doing with these customers?

Lost Lead Activator


  • The blue can is people still in the market!
  • The red can are not happy with you
  • The green can bought elsewhere but need service at some point
  • The yellow can are just confused and still thinking

Let our Lost Lead Activator find out what is happening and make the most out of the money you spent to even find out these people on on planet earth. 

What does this ^%it Cost

*Campus Callers requires a daily showroom, sold and service ro file in order to make these calls. This can usually be obtained through the dealers CRM tool.