Toyota Care Program



At Campus Callers we are very proud of our Toyota Care program and the success we have had over the years. We specialize in contacting your dealerships Toyota Care customers and getting them back in to your dealership. Our proprietary software was designed specifically to maximize the customers who can be contacted for their no cost services. On average we increase the callable records from 37% out of SOAR to 87%.

Redemption to new levels

Face it, you are being judged on your dealers redemption numbers monthly. The Campus Callers Toyota Care program allows you to see which vins are coming in, which ones are not in your area any longer and even the vehicles that have been destroyed and are now pop cans. Each month we will show you a full report of your vins that the manufacturer is saying you should have come in.

Our process

While much of what we do is proprietary we can tell you this. We will reach out to every single customer on your Toyota Care Customer list out of SOAR. We will not only call them but we also do several other things that make our system one of the most effective out there.

Getting Started

Pretty easy to get started...Call Paul Jones at 513.379.9905. Depending on the DMS, Service reservation system, and CRM you are using we can usually get you started within 15 days.


We do not have a contract. We have a agreement which allows for a 30 day out and covers your data  privacy and security as well as our DNC policies.


The cost of our Toyota Care Program is simple. $1250.00 per month. We will call every single customer due their 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th no cost service as well as schedule the first post Toyota Care Service. ASK About Adding Mail Services starting at only $250.00* more. Our Mailing Service is much more effective than even the factory mailer since the timing is synchronized with the call and explains the importance of the time of the visit.

**All Programs include a $750.00 Start up fee payable at the signing of the agreement. 

*Mailing cost depends on options dealer selects.

What are they saying

Holy Crap!

Holy Crap! I can't believe the amount of cars on the list that are already out of service. Service Manager

This is amazing...

To think that all I had to do was call Capus Callers and they make every call every month without having to be baby sat. General Manager

How did you do it?

How on earth did you take our possible contact rate from 40% to 92%? - Owner Principle

We're now above the national!

In less than 6 months you have taken us from the bottom 10 to top 10. Thanks a bunch!- Service Manager

Should have done it years ago...

Paul Jones contacted me once a month for 2 years. I should have done this years ago! - Service Director

You don't charge enough...

I'll tell you right now, you do not charge enough for this service. But don't raise mine get it from the next guy :-) GM/Owner