Better get moving!



At Campus Callers we have been heavily involved in updating our system for our Toyota Dealers to be able to get the most out of the new LEO System as well as get a handle on the new retention and CSI policies. 

After months of anticipation and research we believe that the new system will allow dealers to reach out to the customers that count in a timely and meaningful way, while at the same time truly identify the customers that you actually want to stay away from.

Yes the manufacturer is going to allow 2020 to be an adjustment year, it should be used as a year to GET ahead of the situation. Face it... this change is HUGE for you...Don't get stuck behind the 8 ball in 2021. We have done the math, and are excited about the changes but these changes once put in full force can be devastating to any dealer who falls behind on communication with customers. LOG in to your LEO system right now.... By 2021 you had better know what is going on with every single one of the VINS they have you responsible for. We can help

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Paul and your Campus Callers Team!


  • I have a BDC they can do this themselves can't they? - YES but NO .... Meaning, of course they can...But lets stay real here. Chances are your BDC is so busy taking care of your customers they just don't have time. PLUS... THIS IS WHAT WE DO! We make sure your VINS are accounted for. We know DATA and we know how important is it going to be for you to be able to report to Toyota the VINS they have are filled with bad data. 2021 is going to be here fast. You're talking about thousands of calls. Just get it done!
  • My BDC can more than handle this but can you help? Absolutely 100%. We will allow you to use our software and even help manage the entire process. Just call to get started.
  • How will you report to me the results? Our software is OURS and designed to provide you with a detail of what we find. For once in your career you will know exactly what is going on with those vins.
  • How Much? Depends on the size of the VIN count and how much you want us to do when it comes to calls. If you simply want to license the software and manage all your BDC calls on your own the License fee starts at only $550.00 per month. Just call me to discuss. I will say this, it is a lot cheaper than getting caught with your pants down in 2021.