Who Should Be Using Us?



Our Automotive customers range from  single point dealerships to Major groups with over 100 roof tops and a variety of brands. 

Sales, service, parts and finance departments get us involved to do everything from simple follow up calls for customer service to more involved calls such as recalls, finance reviews, unsold follow up and vehicle purchasing calls. There really is not a call type that we cannot make or take.

Insurance Agencies

Let's face it... the only time I hear from my agent is when most people do...when rates are about to go up. Why not let Campus Callers put together a nice call program for your agency to include, birthday calls, special anniversaries, kids graduations and more. Think of the loyalty you will build with your clients. Other wise you call them with a rate increase, they get online and buy shitty insurance they will at some point regret, but you still lost their money in between.

Health Care Providers

Health care has become on of the most competitive industries on the planet. Gone are the days of having the same family doctor as your mom and dad. 

It's time to start calling, checking in and making sure people are happy with their experience. Just as with the Insurance Industry, why wait till the only news you have is bad news. Build customer loyalty through compassion and caring. We can help!

Retail of any kind

Look...people have so many choices today it's scary. Those who provide minimum customer service are going to be gone very soon. As technologies take over the world it is a MUST to stand out in any way you can. Providing good, clear follow up to your customer is key.

If it involves calling customers to say thanks, or finding out what is going on and if they are even still alive or living in your area, Campus Callers can help make sure it gets done.