Inbound BDC

STOP Missing Calls

The Cash Register is Ringing!

Why InBound BDC?

It's a problem every single dealership faces and has been forever...Your Phone (Cash Register) is ringing and ringing and ringing and no one answers. Why? Because you simply cannot staff enough to cover every single phone call.

InBoundBDC is here to catch the calls you are missing OR we can answer all your inbound calls. Our highly trained and monitored staff will pick up the phone and serve your customers. Stop missing tomorrows business and let the professionals assist you 24.7.365. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Who is InBoundBDC

  • InBoundBDC is a partnership between Live Call Reps Call Center and Campus Callers: 
  • Live Reps Call Center is a leader in developing customer relationships and consistent delivery of positive customer experiences for its clients. As a full service Inbound/Outbound Call Center, LRCC provides professionally trained staff to meet the specific needs of our clients, their products and services. 
  • Campus Callers is the best damn outbound automotive call center on the planet. Established 15 years ago, Campus Callers has proven to be an asset to dealerships across the country. Providing services such as service reminders, scheduled service reminders, unsold showroom follow up, internet lead follow up, retention calls and anything else outbound.

Getting Started


Call or fill out the below form to get started. We will schedule a no cost consultation and demo with your team and establish a solid plan for your dealership that fits your needs. At InBoundBDC we are 100% customizable to your needs and way of doing business.


Once we have completed the needs assessment we will provide you with a complete roll out plan and cost for your new InBoundBDC. At this time you will sign all agreements and we will get started on your set up. It will generally take 30 days to have everything set up, however faster roll outs can be met depending on your technologies such as phone system and service scheduling software. Don't worry, well let you know upfront how fast we can get your cash register answered.


Roll Out! Once your set up is complete and we have all the training modules in place for your dealership we will turn on the switch and you are up and running. 

Once you are turned on all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your customers being happy because someone answered the phone when they called!!

Call TODAY or fill out the info form below !


Where are you located?

Our corporate offices are located in Cincinnati, Ohio however our callers are both remote and on site in our call center. 

How do you train your callers?

Better than most dealers train their own staff. Unlike an inhouse BDC our callers are monitored live 24.7.365 via our software. We use the most advanced calling systems to allow for on the fly training as well as use classroom training.

How does it all work?

Its really very simple, depending on your phone system you will either port your calls to us or have a forwarding set up. We will tell you the best method during the consultation

How long is your contract?

We encourage our customers to sign up for at least a 3 month min but a month to month can be set up as well. Just tall us what you are looking for when we speak. We are here to serve!

I just need support sometimes is that ok with you?

Sure... again, if that's what you need we will make it work. Our staff is here to make your life easier.

How Much?

Real simple... We charge a flat rate per minute we are on the phone* and a $750.00 set up fee to cover the cost of technology set up. The per minute charge is based on call volume. You will pay for only the time we are on the phone, period. If your phone is not ringing to us, you are not paying! And YES you can set a Monthly MAX, but why would you? *There is a monthly Min fee based on hours of coverage.


Drop us a line!

7250 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45247, US

(513) 407-4807