image1 is part of the ZassCo, Inc network of companies dedicated to providing products and services to the Automotive Dealership world.  With over 20 years experience in the automotive business our team is here to help increase your teams phone skills through live, positive training. Send us a request for a demo today. Our Team is made up of seasoned A+++ sales and service professionals. Many are still selling but all are top sales people who have mastered the phones and are able to train in a fun way. 

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At our job is to help get your staff on task with your phone process and keep them there. Unlike in house training sessions we will train your people every single day of the month while you are a subscriber. Our unique, upbeat approach will keep your folks on their toes. Send us a request for a demo today.

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At it doe not matter where you are located. We are able to do this training anyplace on planet earth. As long as you have phones, we can train. Send us a request today for a demo and more information

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Are you having issues with sales people not getting the right information on sales calls? Then NOW. Do your service advisors or BDC agents continue to make mistake or maybe are not up to snuff? Then NOW. NOW is the time to get started. Send us a request for more information!

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How much did you spend last month to make your phones ring? We need not say more but... Face it you spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions to make your phones ring every year. How often do you listen to calls and bang your head against the wall? Let us help. We guarantee that your people will get better on the phones, get your customers in your CRM and better yet set more appointments. Send a request now for more information.

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Simple, easy peasy...We charge a flat rate based on the package you sign up for. There is no contract, long term commitment, or anything that ties you down. You only pay when you need us. The best part is, we will provide you a free session today when you send your request in for more information. So what are you waiting for? You have ZERO to lose.

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F.A.Q's and stuff


How do you train? Do you use my preferred scripts

YES...If you would like to provide us with your phone script we will train based on that in order to keep your team on the same page. However you may want to take a look at ours to compare. Either way we will train how you want it done.

What do you consider a perfect inbound sales call?

Pretty Simple really...

  1. Was the greeting proper?
  2. Did your sales person get a name, number, email?
  3. Do we know what the customer is looking for? Is the vehicle for them?
  4. What is the customer driving now and can we buy it?
  5. Did the sales person ask for an appointment at least 3 times.

BAM! Put on top of all this is the customer logged in the CRM?

How can you help my service drive?

Let's face it, your dealership more than likely only stays in business because of the service drive. Yet, it is the most ignored place on the dirt. Your advisors and BDC people talk to more paying customers in a day than a sales person will in an entire month.

Our goal with the service phone training is to help your people get better at getting not only updated information but to also assist in providing them with simple ways to up sell prior to the customer coming in. Cleaning up data is vital to the success of getting surveys back in as well as marketing for retention purposes.

How long do I have to subscribe?

You just pick it. If you would like us to do 1 session, or a month of training that is great. If after the month you want to watch results, great! We're done. But if after a few months you have a bunch of new people you want to train, we can kick it back in for you. Look at our menu for more pricing information or call for a custom package to be built.

How do I get the results?

After each and every session you will get an email with the A+++ players thoughts as well as a report card for that particular session and the recording of the session. This way you can sit with your sales person and go over the call, or use it for training of other people.

Do you offer additional training?

Yes...if you would like us to come in and do training we are happy to, however why really do that? Your team is busy selling and servicing metal. This is a fast and highly interactive way to train and highly effective.

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All packages are paid by credit card ONLY and are pre-paid

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